This ingenious upcycler turned Ralph Lauren beach towels into a bomber...

...and Gremlins bedsheets into a camp shirt, and curtains into a coat. Meet Atlanta vintage wizard Pentimento.

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This chore jacket was hand-made by Pentimento, aka Timothy Haught, an Atlanta-based designer who finds unlikely vintage materials -- bandannas, bedsheets, quilts, towels -- at thrift shops, flea markets, and miscellaneous fabric-supply dungeons, then cuts them into one-of-a-kind garments. 

If you're intrigued by the wild "upcycled" garments BODE specializes in, you need to see Haught's stuff. But when you like something, move quickly: That chore jacket is cool as hell, but you can't buy it anymore, because Haught only made one, and when he posted it to Pentimento's Instagram back in August, someone snapped it up pronto. 

Luckily, this jacket, constructed from an old cherub-motif blanket and lined with antique feed sacks, is still available, at least for the moment: 
We particularly like this extremely '90s terrycloth Polo Bear flight jacket, which Haught made by combining two Ralph Lauren beach towels (!): 
We caught wind of Pentimento (who focuses on menswear but does make women's pieces every so often) while talking to Osaka-based designer/collector/archivist Jonathan Lukacek for last week's post; he pointed us towards Haught's site, where we were struck by his bright colors and bold graphics, with occasional room for relatively more muted pieces. Check out this silk-curtain camp shirt; these tablecloth work pants; and this Pendleton blanket-scrap teddy bear. 

Describing the project to Lukacek earlier this year, Haught framed it this way: "Pentimento is a term from the world of painting and it refers to a painting that has been changed throughout the course of the painters process, either as a refinement or because an idea has been abandoned... I’m interpreting this concept quite literally in that I am starting with a finished object and altering it." 

Pentimento's web store is here.