Out tomorrow: one-of-a-kind patchworked chore coats dropping in limited supply

Hand-worked by an L.A. textile wizard; proceeds go to L.A. Food Bank

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Mohawk General Store is one of our favorite spots to check out when we're in L.A. Among the things we've copped at their men's satellite shop over the years is a natural-dyed Industry of All Nations sweatshirt -- this might have been ~2012, the first time we ever saw that brand, way before they opened their stores in Venice and S.F. -- some beautiful Anonymous Ism socks, and a limited-edition copyright-infringing Our Legacy Work Shop tee featuring Bart Simpson.

We're not alone in our appreciation: One time we were at Mohawk  browsing the racks when a woman came in and told the clerk she was picking up an order for "my husband, Paul." We turned around to see none other than Maya Rudolph in the process of shepherding A BUNDLE OF AUTEUR-QUALITY JOINTS back to P.T. Anderson. 
Mohawk has a house line called SMOCK, which consists of Japanese-made basics, subtle but eye-catching. In December 2018 SMOCK commandeered its own tiny shop on Sunset next to Mohawk Man, which brings us to the reason for today's newsletter: 
A fire new collaboration between SMOCK and L.A.-based textile artist Adam Pogue, the result of which is a small fleet of one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered chore jackets -- dropping tomorrow, Wednesday Apr. 8, at noon PT. Proceeds are going to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, like a moral jawn-carbon offset. 
Pogue lives and works in downtown L.A., cranking out beautiful hand-crafted textiles for the long-popping design firm Commune, with a focus on "quilts, pillows, curtains, and upholstery yardage all based on piecing, mending, and appliquéing fabrics," as he once explained. 
Among other inspirations, Pogue has cited Gee's Bend Quilters in Alabama, the paintings of Frank Stella, and traditional Asian textile-collaging techniques like Japanese boro and Korean bojagi -- above is one of Pogue's bojagi-style curtains. 
As far as sourcing materials, Pogue has cut up old kimonos here, surplus Army-Navy finds there...  
But even though we appreciate a sick quilt as much as the next rare-objet newsletter, if you follow Pogue on Instagram you know that his garment-mending game is particularly strong ... 

... and if you know us you know we're suckers for strong garment-mending games ... 

which is why we're so psyched about Pogue's SMOCK line. 
- You can find the one-of-one Adam Pogue / SMOCK work coats at Mohawk online, here. They're scheduled to drop Weds Apr. 8 at noon PT in a limited run, so stay vigilant. 

- If you want to splash out extra hard you can cozy up your quarantine environs with some of Pogue's pillows and other textiles, available at Commune's web shop, here, and Future Perfect, here. 

- Pogue's Instagram is here.